I love this band HECUBA. I was asked to do a cameo for there movie brass nuckles.....not sure when it will be finished.....soon.....Awsome band.....

from la record--
Hecuba hasn’t played in forever. They’ve been writing a new album, which we anticipate like a delicious giant cake with a babe hiding inside, but they’re also hard at work on a short film. They need your $$$ pronto to get this puppy produced right. The film is called Brass Knuckles and stars Jasmine Albuquerque, also known as Isabelle’s sister, a fine dancer in the Los Angeles avant-garde dance world, with a soundtrack by Hecuba. We’ve got a very interesting and bizarre dance movement thriving here in L.A., summed up by folks like Jasmine, Ryan Heffington and Nina McNeely (of We Are The World), and Mecca Vazie Andrews, strutting their unusual stuff in museums, music videos, concerts, galleries, and parties. They’re all in this movie, too. Give Hecuba some money on Kickstarter. If you give them a lot you can nab yourself a cameo in the film, or a leather jacket, or a private show, or at the very least a t-shirt.


WE ARE FUNDED!!! Our deepest thanks to everyone for supporting the film. We are honored and touched by all your support. THANK YOU!