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Just up the hill from some of LA’s most beloved eateries and vintage shops sits a storybook cottage arrayed with curiosities. Follow the path through its shaggy garden (replete with pipe-smoking gnome and spray-painted mannequin legs) and you’ll be rewarded with a treasure trove of ever-changing memorabilia so colorful and bewitching you might forget what brought you there in the first place.

“I wanted it to look like Willy Wonka, where you could eat the walls,” says artist Annakim Violette of her Silverlake-neighborhood home. “I wanted each room to have that gooey, cake-like feel.” Any way you turn, objects vie for your attention: there’s a statue of a coiled cobra painted gold, a taxidermic goat’s head covered in glitter paint (one of Violette’s original works) and a hand-stitched sign that reads “God Bless Our Pad.” Rooms are spread with books on raw food, art deco design and the history of costumes, Indian furniture made from repurposed doors, a human skull—and every ceiling is hung with vintage chandeliers.

“Most of my things were gifts,” explains Violette. “I’ve acquired things through friends and through art projects and through experiences…So, economically, it’s all based on love. It’s not about possessions or possessing.”

Finding her dream house required a year of searching and a moment of extraordinary luck. After scouring the homes available for sale, Violette visited this one because she thought it was funny that the owner’s name, Anne Kim, was almost the same as her own. Only after escrow closed did Violette realize her new front yard was trellised with wisteria and planted with a towering jacaranda—both of which would soon bloom with flowers in her signature color, purple.

She painted the house the orange hue of a monarch butterfly because she wanted it to be “this ever-changing entity”— so objects move regularly from room to room in an ongoing flux. “Obviously there is no—especially if you’re raised touring—stability,” explains Violette, who spent much of her childhood on the road with her father, musician Tom Petty. She wanted her home to encapsulate the frenetic energy of her time on the move, while also feeling permanent and comforting. She explains, “I feel like this is a nest, but all birds can fly, right?”

Spiderwebs are welcome here, among the coterie of painted bats and images from Alice in Wonderland and other children’s fables. And if her visitors feel that they’ve just stepped into a storybook, well, that’s all part of Violette’s vision. She wanted her house to have “that tragic element, where it’s so beautiful that you don’t even want to walk in.” But walk in they do, especially when Violette hosts one of her parties, which have featured themes like rasta pasta and glam rock.

Though the house is designed to tread softly on the environment—it’s painted with ecologically-sound paint, uses fluorocarbon-free air-conditioning and employs organic and bio-degradable products—Violette aimed to create something very different from the standard eco-dwelling, which seems stagnant to her— “like zombie living.” She feels most such homes look like their owners are “afraid of life.” In contrast, Violette’s home spills life—from the backyard fruit trees which are constantly dropping avocados, apples, figs, lemons and tangerines, to the painted bats that hang from her purple ceilings. In fact, Violette paints these animals to resurrect them—and because she finds them “too beautiful to leave.”

The house is, in every aspect, fearless—and this, too, was part of its design. “I feel like there’s an innocence to not being restrained,” Violette explains. “When a bird sings, it’s not flapping its wings going, am I in tune?”

“People are afraid of laughter,” she says. “But me? I’m always laughing.”


this lame hippie made a album cover that was so horrible that vice trashed it he was telling me the story when i opened my email and saw vice magazine offered me a shoot....i look angry! and im in kime buzzellis bday shirt to me

PAPER Editorial Danger Angels, March 2011 Shot #11 -

PAPER Editorial Danger Angels, March 2011 Shot #11 -

Purple Editorial Los Angeles Portraits: Hannah Liden, Spring/Summer 2010 Shot #2 -

Purple Editorial Los Angeles Portraits: Hannah Liden, Spring/Summer 2010 Shot #2 -

future girlfriend film stills

 I did another short film by my friend s. spectra i will add the finished product here are just stills from the green screen lighting by nick amato i took some shoots on the prop computer as apart of the film reminds me of liquid skys grand daughter on her own

history is not my story

if one is not allowed to speak the truth from there own throat .....

handle the dark to deserve the light?

come play with me

here is the band poster from the movie just a mock  up heeheeh



   I was asked to join the band because the rest of the band was "too CUTE" ahahahah....

 the movie is being done by alison anders and my friends will all be playing there shadow side in the la music movie that is keeping my winter so cozy

the money was raised via kickstarter  so they are ready shoot here is the bio---

The last feature in a trilogy from award-winning filmmakers Allison Anders and Kurt Voss, "Strutter" tells the story of 22 year old BRETT (Flannery Lunsford) , a singer for a Los Angeles rock band who finds himself heartbroken when he loses his muse JUSTINE (Ericka Clevenger) to his own local idol, the fast-ascending art rocker DAMON (Dante White Aliano). But with the support of his filmmaker gal pal REGGIE (Elyse Hollander) , Brett not only learns to love again, he comes to form an oddly simpatico friendship with former romantic rival Damon. Along the way, Brett also learns to better understand his parents’ odd marriage, and the complications and compromises that come with adulthood.
Since their first co-directed post-punk feature film "Border Radio" (1988) Allison Anders and Kurt Voss have together or separately written and directed 20 films and various other writing and directing gigs including TV and music videos. They have between them directed everyone from Terrance Stamp and Salma Hayek to Ice-T and Madonna. They co-wrote the screenplay to a Peabody Award winning film "Things Behind The Sun" which Anders directed, and have been nominated for Independent Spirit Awards for both film's in the trilogy "Border Radio" (Best First Feature 1989), and "Sugar Town" (2000) (Best Film, Best Debut Performance). With your help "Strutter" completes the trilogy!
you can see the full kickstarter page here


  I love this band HECUBA. I was asked to do a cameo for there movie brass nuckles.....not sure when it will be finished.....soon.....Awsome band.....

from la record--
Hecuba hasn’t played in forever. They’ve been writing a new album, which we anticipate like a delicious giant cake with a babe hiding inside, but they’re also hard at work on a short film. They need your $$$ pronto to get this puppy produced right. The film is called Brass Knuckles and stars Jasmine Albuquerque, also known as Isabelle’s sister, a fine dancer in the Los Angeles avant-garde dance world, with a soundtrack by Hecuba. We’ve got a very interesting and bizarre dance movement thriving here in L.A., summed up by folks like Jasmine, Ryan Heffington and Nina McNeely (of We Are The World), and Mecca Vazie Andrews, strutting their unusual stuff in museums, music videos, concerts, galleries, and parties. They’re all in this movie, too. Give Hecuba some money on Kickstarter. If you give them a lot you can nab yourself a cameo in the film, or a leather jacket, or a private show, or at the very least a t-shirt.


WE ARE FUNDED!!! Our deepest thanks to everyone for supporting the film. We are honored and touched by all your support. THANK YOU!

taken at the hollywood bowl by autumn de wilde

eye candy mi via en rose